Complexity 3d Book Image 2016

Mark Carlson closed the notebook from his Bible study class and was hoping all his notes and taking the class would help manage his pain.  The pain in his head was there as it had been for the past six months.  He sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands as his Bible lay next to him and cried.  Why can I not get rid of this raging pain in my head he asked himself?  Every doctor that Mark had visited and even several specialist all told him the pain was just a migraine headache.  They did not detect or find any abnormalities that could be the root cause of the issue. Nothing they did or gave him would ease or stop the pain.  He took a trip to Mexico once and had some quack doctor drill a pin like hole in the side of his head.  He then place a powder like substance down a tube in his skull to eradicate the pain but the only thing that did was make him high with the pain.   It was a deep piercing pain like a reechoing voice.  In the still of the night the pain would take on images but Mark tried to fight off the images.  The pain and the reechoing voice that accompanied the pain began to give instructions on how to ease or remedy the pain.  One night Mark laid in his bed bathing in perspiration as the piercing pain echoed instructions to kill.  He drifted off into a deep sleep and woke the next day and found blood all over his hands.  What and how did the blood get there he asked himself.  He looked around his bedroom and panic hit his face.  The panic quickly dissipated because the piercing pain began to dominate his total being again.  He ran to the bathroom to take a shower but the agonizing pain made him vomit.  What am I to do, thought Mark?  It was then he realized the day was Wednesday and time for his next Bible study class again.  Little did Mark know or realize this was the beginning stage of living the inextricability of God’s Will and Man’s free Will.