Nesselorette-The Book


It was another cold foggy and rainy day in New York as Nesselorette sat on her thin mattress for a bed. There was a spring protruding from the mattress that required her to place a wool sock over the sharp edge of the spring to keep it from piercing her leg as she slept. She closed the old tattered book and wondered would she ever know where she was from, or who her real parents were. She had spent the last eleven years in and out of eight different Foster Care homes and always felt her so-called foster parents used her just to collect money from the state. Not to mention the number of times she had to fight off her foster-care fathers from sexually assaulting her. From the time she turned twelve years old, her body blossomed into a full figure woman. She stood five feet ten inches tall with the most curvaceous body one could imagine on a twelve-year-old girl. Her skin was a caramel olive with long silk flowing auburn hair. Her eyes were a hazel gray and her teeth were so radiant white it was as if an artist had painted a smile on her glowing face. Now that she was twenty years of age, her sexiness and beauty rivaled any woman on the planet. She stared at the old tattered book and wondered what the writing and the insignia all meant on the cover of the book. She was told the old book was found stuffed under the padding of the crib that she was found in as a baby. It was the same crib that she had lain in when the old woman left it on the curb of Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital one dreary wintery night.

Entry Title: Nesselorette-The Book

Author: Clemon Maddox

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Entry Category:Young Adult-Adult books