Nesselorette The Lost Girl (now available)

Nesselorette-The Lost Girl 2015

It was a bone chilling cold November morning in New York as Jason Marks with Child Protection Service sat in his car. He was a few blocks up the street from the Bedford Arms Apartments and his frustration had him upset overall the time he had wasted looking for this little girl.  He was on his third cup of coffee when he spotted a little girl coming out of the Bedford Arms Apartments’ main door.  She stood and looked around; she held something under her arm that he could not see.  Jason leaped from his car, and darted behind several cars so he was standing on the opposite side of the street.

Nesselorette skipped down the stairs carrying the old, tattered book under her arm.  Jason thought it might fall apart as she ran toward the grocery store.  A police car drove down Lennox Avenue, just as Nesselorette entered the store.  Jason flagged the policemen down, and explained the nature of his business regarding a lost CPS child.  When Nesselorette appeared from grocery store still carrying the book, but also a full grocery bag, Jason grabbed her.  Nesselorette did not scream, nor did she cry. She frowned with her eyebrows furrowed, perplexed that he would do this.  As the police watched, Jason shoved Nesselorette in his car and locked the door.  He slid behind the wheel and pulled out the nine-year-old case file regarding the baby Margaret Doucette had listed on the adoption application as “Nesselorette Doucette.”  Jason scribbled in the file and drove off.   The perilous journey that she encountered displays a resilience no other child could possess .