Nesselorette-The Ruler Large 3d book image 2018

Nesselorette The Ruler-Kismet The Return of the Witch

“Nesselorette believed that she killed Kismet by the powers she possessed from the birthmark of the De Broglie royal crest on the right side of her forehead. Madame Andrepont had ensured no evil of the black art could bring harm to the female bloodline of Armabetu when she first burned the image of the royal crest on her forehead. The act was designed to protect Armabetu’s lineage from the evil spell Kismet cast one hundred years ago. Kismet was not killed but merely transform to the eternal damnation of Hades. She has been given the task of assisting the Dark One by plaguing mankind with evilness. However her anger to destroy Nesselorette remained the dominant focus as she walked among the living again in pursuit of Nesselorette.”