The Acorn Mystery

Acorn Mystery Book Cover 2016

Six year old Susie Palmer stood looking up and the giant oak tree in amazement. She wondered why during the fall of the year when acorns fell from the oak tree, this particular acorn did not fall. She threw rocks at the acorn to knock it off the limb but it would not fall. Susie thought about climbing the tree once but her fear of heights kept her from trying. It was something very strange about that particular acorn that continued to cling on the limb and never fall during the natural harvest of the oak tree. Susie’s love for plants propelled her to pursue education in the field of botany and became one of the world’s famous Botanists. It was not until her sister’s twin daughter became ill with an extremely rare cancer that the acorn tree would reveal a medical miracle that she was unable to explain. The secret Susie Palmer kept for the past 20 years would ultimately save one of her sister’s twin daughter’s life.