The Boom – Release date TBD

The Boom Book Cover2

Sin and self-centeredness ran rapid across the globe like the sun casting its rays on the planet as it made its 365 day orbit. World leaders no longer cared about its citizens nor did the people care about each other. Families sought to destroy each other allowing greed and jealousy to dominate their intent. There were no longer morals, rules of conduct and anything a person desired to do was acceptable. Ethical standards and scruples were all things lost in a world where the values of life no longer existed. Human life had no more value than swatting a fly or stepping on a bug; killing became the natural order of human kind. Congruent with an over populated world that continued to grow out of control and exacerbate the ills of society; religion became lost. Unexpectedly a loud “Boom” occurred not a clap of thunder but a loud “Boom” that shook the foundation of the earth. After the “Boom” there was not a sound, not one bird singing, a nightly croak of a frog, a buzz of bee or the sound of a car, not one sound. The thousands rivers that flowed across the planet did not cause a ripple nor did the ocean shores stir a wave. Every life form created by God on the planet all died. There was not a single life form living on the planet except Umbazza and Otero.