The Naked Killer – Available

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Ken Choice had been struggling over the break up with his fiancée Karen for the past two weeks. He did not understand why she accused him of infidelity. After all it was her idea that she allowed Brilina to utilize their apartment to change clothes between her job and school. He closed his laptop and decided to call it a day. He told himself the marketing project could wait until he returned to work the next day.
The night air in downtown Chicago had an icy chill as the wind blew off Lake Michigan. As Ken drove down La Salle Street, he spotted a woman walking in the nude. It was 1:00a.m.  “Why would someone be walking in the nude as cold as it was,” Ken asked himself?  The woman only had on black Stiletto pumps. He pulled his car over to the curb. “Miss, may I be of any assistance,” asked Ken.  When she turned to face Ken, she was amazingly beautiful.  “Was it the pain in his heart over his breakup with Karen or was this woman really that beautiful,” he asked himself.  “Yes, may I have a ride,” she replied.  Ken did not realize the mysterious woman by the name of Bonique Fasche was on a killing spree and he would be her next kill.