The Silver Key (now available)


Nine year old Jason was standing on the front porch of his grandparent’s small farmhouse and wondered about the flashing light he saw off in a distance. He knew is father had seen the same flashing light when he was Jason’s age but Jason’s grandfather indicated that he and his father could not locate or determine the mystery of the flashing light. Little did Jason know or realize that he was about to uncover the mystery behind the source of the flashing light. Jason’s journey will reveal an alternate world based on a one hundred year old Native American legend only known in the state of Ohio.






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Entry Title: The Silver Key

Author: Clemon Maddox

Pen Name (if provided):

Entry Category: Middle-Grade/Young Adult books

Judge’s Commentary*: THE SILVER KEY by Clemon Maddox was an enjoyable experience. I liked the character of Jason. I thought he was sweet and curious. The author’s descriptions throughout the book were quite good and I felt as though I was at the scene with Jason. While Jason was a strong character and he had a solid backstory and a well developed family, I wanted to feel a little more voice from him. At times I wasn’t entirely sure I was getting into the mind of a nine year old and he felt a little too old in my opinion. As the story continues and we start to see the development between the two boys and we learn more about the Native American culture, I liked this dynamic and thought this would be very helpful to any young readers who want to know more about different cultures and history. However, this story was very character driven and it was tough for me to hold onto a hook to feel be fully invested in the story. I’d wish for a little more action to bring us shock and interest to the plot. The book was a slow-burn for me and I wanted to have more action. Overall, the author is talented and I think he has a good eye for character development, but I’d wish for more events and action in the plot, and I’d wish for Jason to feel more young on the pages.